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Standing out from the photography crowd is becoming more and more difficult. Which makes me more and more excited by my ever-growing client list. It tells me my imagery is eye-catching and it stands out from the millions of pictures taken every day.

Most importantly it tells me I can help my clients stand out from the crowd.

Since I was a child adventure and travel have always been about inspiration, and I believe this has carried through to my work in photography, writing and film making. My aim is always to inspire the viewer.

This works for my clients and it works for their customers.

My photography and writing have been published in many outdoors and specialist publications, such as Sidetracked, Fall Line Skiing, MBR magazine, Adventure.com, Summit, Outdoor Photography, Climb, and Outdoor Adventure Guide aswell as travel publications including Lonely Planet Magazine, Easyjet Traveller, Adventure Travel and Active Traveller.

But the inspiration of adventure reaches far beyond the niche of those who pursue it; I have also been published in the mainstream press, the Telegraph, Financial Times and Mail Online, aswell as working with BBC TV as a guest expert on mountain bike photography.

My commercial work has served some of the biggest brands in the outdoors industry such as GoreTex, Rab, Sherpa Adventure Gear, Epic TV, Enve Composites, Madison, Jottnar, Whitedot Skis, Paramo, Alpkit and Lyon Outdoor.

And equally in the travel industry, MacDonald Hotels, Croatia Tourism, Exped Adventure, Alta Badia Tourism, Macs Adventure and many more hotels, chalets and independent tour operators have used my work to inspire their prospective clients.

I look forward to helping you inspire your customers too.

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